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You can purchase Gift Certificates on the MindBody App or website

~Usually, we have a direct Link to take you directly to our Gift Card. Unfortunately, MindBody is having technical difficulties so we’ve found a workaround for you.~


1. Click this Link >

2. Search “Halo Salt Spa” in the MindBody App (hint: if you have trouble finding Halo in the Search, then check your Location on the App)
3. Scroll down on the Halo page until you see this “Buy A Gift Card” section.

4. Congrats on your Gift Card! Happy Holidays!


1. Click this Button

MindBody (computer)MindBody (computer)

2. Search “Halo Salt Spa” and choose from Search Results

3. Login

4. Click “Online Store” at the top of page

5. Click “Gift Cards” (located just under “Online Store” tab)

6. Congrats on your Gift Card! Cheers to 2019!

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