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Valerie is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner who has seven years of experience in a variety of settings from chiropractic to spa. She believes everyone deserves holistic healing and wellness. She’s an advocate of health at every size and ability and meets her clients where they are in their healing journey. To her, each and every client is a unique creature and she tailors her massage sessions to fit the unique needs of her clients.

Valerie is very spiritual, believing strongly in the mind-body-spirit connection. She uses her intuitive gifts to help her target the areas of a body in particular need of healing. She loves working with clients who are under high stress, have emotional or physical trauma and chronic pain. With her kind, loving and gentle energy she has particular skill in holding space for emotional as well as physical release.

Her regular clients have conditions that range anywhere from hypersensitive fibromyalgia to desensitizing spinal surgeries. Her techniques are very versatile from giving a very soft and relaxing massage to a therapeutic deep tissue. After getting to know her client she uses her creativity to blend various techniques from different modalities she’s explored, including Cranial Sacral, trigger point, Swedish and Shiatsu. She looks forward to the challenge and joy of helping her clients feel better and live better.


Fire & Ice signature service

Is a unique deep tissue massage that tackles chronic pain and tension from several therapeutic angles. The massage is performed while lying on the Richway Amethyst BioMat which uses progressive technology to produce negative ions and infrared heat that gently penetrate tissue and warm the entire body. The BioMat reduces muscle and joint pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. It also increases blood circulation and is known to soothe and relax the body and mind.

Heated salt stones are used in conjunction with hands and arms to apply deep pressure in areas that are tense and knotted. The heat from the stones releases layers of muscles upon contact and the firmness allows for deeper pressure. The light layer of residual salt left by the stones is absorbed and nourishes the muscles with natural minerals. For further calming of the muscles, heat packs are applied to various muscle groups depending on the client’s needs.

To cool the body, Young Livings “Cool Azul” essential oil blend is applied. This oil blend features cooling and inflammation reducing oils such as wintergreen, peppermint, lavender and blue cypress. As an optional upgrade CBD cream can be applied to areas with the most severe pain. This service is perfect for anyone suffering from chronic pain resulting from high stress, chronic health conditions, physical labor, repetitive stress, old injuries, surgeries or someone who just needs a deep tissue massage. You will leave feeling lighter, looser and ready to tackle life.

Massage Therapist
For almost 25 years I was working in the doctor’s office as a receptionist. Going to work made me feel very unhappy and slowly I started to feel depressed working there. I began to have back pain and shoulder pain. At the time I was guided to see an intuitive

bodyworker which began my self-healing.


I was receiving sessions monthly and felt amazing every time I left his office. I began to have a different awareness of my being, physically and emotionally. After six years of receiving beautiful healing sessions, I decided to go to massage school at age of 52.

After five years of practicing, I now enjoy the life of giving and healing people. Looking forward to each and every session. Knowing that I have the tool to shift their life.


My modalities are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Reiki, reflexology, hot stone and energy work. My passion is being a sacred Lomi practitioner. Receiving and giving Lomi has turned my life around. The only thing that matters in life is the truth, beauty and love.


Ilona’s Services:


I am a practitioner of Sacred Lomi.

That is an ancient Hawaiian Temple Body Work.

This style of massage feels like the waves of the ocean.

The touch is very nurturing, loving, allowing the receiver to fully relax.

This body work is healing, shifting and empowering.

These sessions are often received by two practitioners working in the client at the same time.

Massage Therapist
Tracyann’s massage philosophy comes from years of studying the human body, mind and spirit.  As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nutritionist and a well-seasoned yoga practitioner, her massage practice centers around the idea that a deep sense of calm in the mind is essential in order to truly relax the body to loosen tight muscles and release any holds.  A nurturing, soothing touch allows the nervous system to soften which in turn allows the mind to settle and therefore coaxes the muscles to release and the energy body to replenish. Drawing on the profound wisdom of Ayurveda using aromatherapy, marma points (reflexology) and prana (energy), Tracyann combines these with Swedish massage techniques to offer you deep relaxation for your physical and energetic body.

Tracyann’s offerings include:

  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Hot Stone
  • Salt Stone Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Energy work
  • The Total Bliss Massage (Her Specialty)

To experience even deeper relaxation, Tracyann offers her Total Bliss massage.

Total Bliss massage is a beautiful and unique combination of Ayurvedic and Swedish Massage.  It is the ultimate stress reducer as it works directly on calming the nervous system and the energetic body.  Tracyann combines the soothing practice of Swedish massage with the profound healing wisdom of Ayurveda to help calm your body, mind and soul by releasing any stressful energy from your being.  Using copious warm organic oil filled with nurturing Ayurvedic herbs, peace-inducing aromatherapy with organic essential oils, and applying pressure over important energy points called marma points, Tracyann will give you the TLC you need.

This massage is very healing and will leave you feeling nurtured and deeply peaceful.  This is especially great for the elderly, women dealing with menopause and for those that have anxiety or stress weighing them down, but truly healing and beneficial for all.

Some benefits – decreases the effects of aging, lubricates the joints, stimulates internal organs, moves the lymph aiding in detoxification of toxins/impurities, increases stamina, benefits sleep, deeply calms the nerves.

Tracyann’s offerings include Swedish massage, Hot Stone Massage, Salt Rock Massage and her specialty – the Total Bliss Massage.

“With every massage, my intention is to provide loving, healing energy to invite the intelligence of your being to heal itself by finding a truly peaceful, relaxed state.  For when we are deeply relaxed, that is when the body can regenerate.”

Massage Therapist
With over 10 years of experience combined with therapeutic bodywork, nutrition, fitness, spiritual and personal growth courses, Tyson’s work has evolved to be highly integrated and diverse.  Tyson’s holistic approach is based in Eastern Medicine and philosophy and has a deep understanding of the emotions that may contribute to healing opportunities.

Tyson specializes in Swedish massage, Gentle touch, Myofascial Release Therapy, and Reiki

Tyson’s Signature massage – “Heavenly Halo”

This deeply renewing massage blends several Asian bodywork traditions into one breathtaking session.  It includes Reiki (energy work) from Japan, Chakra Balancing that originated in India, Acupressure (Acupuncture without needles) from traditional Chinese medicine, Thai Massage from Thailand, and Lomi Lomi born in the heart of Hawaii. The goal of this session is to leave you feeling calmer, lighter, balanced and with a heavenly glow.  Come experience a touch of Heaven.

Massage Therapist
(Holly is a wonderful addition to our Team. We will upload info about her as soon as possible!) 😊
Massage Therapist
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